2209, 2019

Activating Root Chakra

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Activating Body Harmony - Using the principles of Awakening and through healing your chakras Part 1 of 7 - Root Chakra Chakras are the main energy centres that run through our body. Activating Body Harmony is all about creating harmony between the chakras, so we experience improved levels of health and consciousness. We achieve this by using yoga postures, and some simple, yet [...]

2007, 2019

Activating Body Harmony – a new way to heal!

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Studio Antara, Jalandhar’s #1 dance and creative art studio is one of the most loved and much sought after by dance and art lovers in the city. The Founding Director - Nidhi Mittal, has been recently making news with her all new study and research in the area of healing the mind, body and emotions by working on energy centres called chakras, yoga, [...]

402, 2019

Fall in love with Kathak…all over again!

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This month, the city of Jalandhar is in for a treat! Studio Antara Jalandhar’s #1 Dance and Creative Art space is hosting an exclusive Kathak Workshop that will be facilitated by Parwati Dutta. Founder Director and Guru at Mahagami Gurukul in Aurangabad, Parwati Dutta is a name to reckon with in the national and international arena of Odissi and Kathak. Parwati Dutta, is a [...]

2612, 2017

Dream Catcher 2017 – Empower, Rejoice, Inspire

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Studio Antara, Punjab’s No.1 Dance and creative art studio presented Dream Catcher 2017 to celebrate its 6th Annual Dance Recital at Lovely Professional University on 24th Dec 2017. The whole show was highly appreciated for its innovative theme of Empowerment, Joy and inspiration. Nidhi Mittal, Director of Studio Antara says, ‘Dream Catcher is our way of igniting the minds and hearts of our [...]

1905, 2017


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Everyone has a dream and as we grow up we learn to give up on them and are told that to dream is a waste of time. But I recently encountered a bunch of crazy dreamers who yearn to express themselves through dance and other creative forms. It was an incredible coming together of dreams as Studio Antara celebrated its annual day on 25th [...]

1812, 2016

Dreams do come true…

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And ours did! Welcome to Studio Antara's blog. A well curated and lovingly created blog for all those looking to dream and embrace their passions in every way possible. In our first post we thought it would be most apt to share with you who we are and why we exist. So we are Studio Antara, Jalandhar's most loved dance and creative art [...]